“Love in Your Heart”

I met Molly a few weeks ago through Kathy, owner of some Green Sheep blankets (see here). While we were talking, it came up that Molly’s mom’s 80th birthday is around the corner.  What a milestone!  Molly put on her thinking cap and recalled a sweater of her late dad’s, and….ahhh!….another blanket started brewing.

Molly’s mom is Irish through and through. She has devoted her life to her family and still loves taking care of them.  She also loves to read, and has a comfy brown chair in which to do exactly that. Molly wondered if I could make a throw to keep her warm in that comfy brown chair.

I hope I have. As usual, it was a delight to see what sweaters and colors would come together with the “seed” of the first one.  (In the photo below, the ribbed piece over the arm of the rocker is from Molly’s dad’s sweater.)

As Molly talked about her, it wasn’t hard to see how much her family loves her. So, for Molly’s mom on a very special birthday, here is “Love in Your Heart.” The name comes from this simple and lovely Irish blessing:

“May you be blessed with warmth in your home,

love in your heart, peace in your soul,

and joy in your life.”

It sounds as if those blessings have already been bestowed :) .

“Love in Your Heart” (Size: 50″ x 60″)

This throw was a custom order.

11 thoughts on ““Love in Your Heart”

  1. It’s a beautiful story, the colors on the blanket and the symbolism is very touching. thank you for sharing!

  2. Our Mom will love this. Molly is the oldest girl in the family and is always thinking of thoughtful ways to celebrate special occassions. She is very much the glue in our family. The blanket is absolutely beautiful. My mom will be so happy – I can’t wait to see her face!
    eileen kennedy

  3. Holly cow! This is Molly’s sister. She told me she was doing this (and had even asked my opinion on the color scheme). I never imagined it would turn out so beautiful. My mom is going to absolutely love it! Thanks so much.

  4. Joanie, What peace and joy this blanket must give to Molly’s Mom knowing that a favorite sweater of her loved one is always with her keeping her warm. It’s a ‘beauty”. Love, Mom

  5. Joannie the blanket is lovely. And the joy of giving is right from your heart.
    You are a very special person.
    Love, Aunt Mary.

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