Legacy Blankets

Fullness of Peonies“When someone leaves us, physical touch with them is lost. Photos and memories are fantastic, but they can’t replace that touch. Now, though, this blanket can wrap my mom like a warm embrace from my dad.”

— Mary, on “Fullness of Peonies”


Do you have an old wool sweater that had belonged to your mom or dad or other favorite person who is gone now? I would feel privileged to design a Legacy Blanket around it. (Even if you have no sweater to contribute to the project, I can still design a blanket for you.) A Legacy Blanket is a marvelous way to commemorate a loved one.

I chose the word “legacy” because it embodies the values, loves, interests, and traits that a person passes on to others during their life and then leaves behind after they are gone. I strive to represent some of these treasures in the blanket I design. A brief phone interview with the client allows me to learn both about the person being commemorated and about the recipient of the blanket. That becomes the starting point for this one-of-a-kind design.

To view custom-designed Legacy Blankets I have made, please click on “Legacy Blanket Collection” in the sidebar just to your right, under “Blankets.” →



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