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  1. I LOVE your blankets. They look so cozy. On one of your blogs you mentioned that you have learned which wools to use and which to stay away from. What kind of wools do you use for your blankets?
    Do you search the most for Merino?
    What about vintage Lambs wool?

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed looking around the blog! These wools are amazing to me and I love to share them. Thanks for the question as well–that’s exactly how I got started, by prowling around the internet. I use wools that generally are at least 75-80% natural fibers. I find the merinos and cashmeres are often best for the bias bindings, although the cashmeres are beautiful in the blankets too. Lambswool is gorgeous as well. I love finding all of those. And note: if the sweater isn’t soft, the wool won’t be soft once it’s felted either. Good luck!

  2. Joan!
    Oh My Goodness! I am in love with all your creative works of art and miss you! I want to know where the fair is on May 9th? Also I would like to know if you are taking sweater donations? Let’s get together soon? I loved your wedding gift to your workmate, I work in several busy clinics across the state and could relate to your work ethic! Keep going for His Glory! Happy spring! Your are an inspiration to me! Love you,

    • Jenni, I imagine YOUR work with all that commuting leaves you ragged some days! But I too know you serve with integrity and love. Hey, the May 9 show was last year unfortunately; hoping to do a holiday thing again later this year. I’ll let you know! Yes to sweater donations and yes to getting together :).

  3. I love your blankets! Are they lined? If so with what? What do you charge for a throw size blanket? What kind of thread do you use?

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. I haven’t posted in awhile, although I’ve been working on lots of projects. It just seems too hot to talk about wool :).

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