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[My apologies–I’m currently taking a break from custom orders.]

Many, many of the blankets I make are custom orders. A birthday, wedding, Christmas, a new baby—all these and more are the impetus behind the custom orders I receive. (Often a client will contribute 1-2 special sweaters or even enough for an entire blanket. I can work easily with any of these scenarios, supplying sweaters from my collection as needed.)

Do you have an idea for a blanket for someone you love? I’d be thrilled to design a one-of-a kind blanket for you with its own story. Behind each custom-made blanket is a deliberate process of listening (to you!) and pondering, then designing and building a quality piece of art that, whether bright or quiet or fun, is fitting. If you’d like to read how I’ve worked with other clients to do this, check out the posts about custom blankets by clicking here or on “Custom-made blankets” in the sidebar’s menu just to your right.  →

One type of custom blanket is a “Legacy Blanket.” When a loved one dies, he or she may leave behind a wool sweater that is imbued with memories. I follow the same process to build a blanket with that sweater (or sweaters) that reflects both your loved one and you. To learn more about that, go here or click “Legacy Blankets” in the green menu bar at the top of this page.

Would you like to have a conversation with me about a possible custom order? I’d love it! Feel free to ask questions! To start a conversation, please go here or use the contact form you’ll find under “Contact” in the green bar at the top of this page. I look forward to hearing from you!


5 thoughts on “Custom order

  1. Thank you for your reply. I sure love your blankets! You are a real artist! Blessings to you…..Jeanne

  2. Thank you, it does help. Sorry I missed those pictures before. Your quilts lay so flat and even…..just beautiful! I like each of your color selections too. Is it a wool fabric you edge with? I see it looks all the same or you find a really big sweater ?
    For the baby quilt….if baby spits up on it? Do you recommend spot cleaning ?
    I think, I just want to look at them !!

    • Yes, Jeanne, I do edge with wool sweaters–I use thinner ones like merino and cashmere. Sometimes just one sweater will do the trick, sometimes I like to mix ’em up.

      For the baby blankets: In all honesty, I would initially use a blanket like this as room decor until Baby is past the spit-up stage–that just makes life easier on the new parents! My one-year-old granddaughter now sleeps with her blanket every night and it’s doing great. Spot cleaning might be okay, but you want to neither wring nor stretch the wet wool.

      All my wool has been at least lightly felted in hot water with medium agitation. That means the finished product can most likely be washed in cold water on gentle with good results. (There’s such variety in washing machines now, though, that it’s impossible to know for sure!) After washing, carefully lay out the blanket, “blocking” it as we used to do in the stone age ;) when we washed our sweaters. When almost dry, toss it in the dryer on warm to fluff it up. The wool just gets softer and softer.

      You’ll find a bit more info on cleaning here:

      Thanks for writing!

  3. Good Morning, your blankets are amazing !! And the stories to go with them, so inventive. Just wondering what the backing is? Or if there is a picture of the backs of any of your quilts?

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