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043bHi!  I’m Joan Olson, the owner and designer of The Green Sheep.  I grew up in southern California, the daughter of two transplanted Midwesterners who taught me to waste not, and I am now a Midwesterner myself. I am the wife of the terrific guy who serenaded me by guitar under my college dorm window when I was 17, the mother of two terrific grown-up daughters, a fantastic son-in-law, and two curly-headed granddaughters.

Even as a young girl, I loved to figure out how to re-use old things. When I discovered  the magic of felting wool sweaters, I was in heaven. The softness, drape and movement of the wool still surprises me, the intense colors sing to me, and every sweater comes with a story already behind it.

By day, I still dabble in occupational therapy, although I’m now officially retired. In the rest of my time, I play, design and sew with gorgeous wool sweaters as much as I can.

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  1. You have a wonderful blog and make such beauty out of recycled wool. Have you considered writing a book? I’m curious how you applique the wool on wool designs with such precision. Also curious what you use for backing and if you need to tack down the top to the backing with some sort of quilting. Have you used books or other resources to guide your designs? I really find your work inspiring!

  2. Joan,
    You are an inspiration as you reveal the gifts you have been given.
    This is quietly you and so moving! “Thread” on.

    • It’s funny you say it like that, Gayle, as I feel surprised by the joy I have in this undertaking and by how each blanket sort of blooms before my eyes. Maybe it’s one of the hidden blessings of the empty-nest stage. I hope you are finding pleasure there as well :)

  3. AWESOME!!! I want those purple mittens!! Your work is beautiful and I want to start finding sweaters for you to encourage you to continue! WOW! You have such wonderful, creative taste too! Blessings to The Queen of Green Sheep!

  4. Yes, I do want to see all of these warmies in person. Makes me want to bundle up in front of the fire….in NORWAY! Joan, I am so proud of you. What a sweet little business.

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