Caring for your wool


With simple care, your felted wool articles will maintain their beauty and usefulness for a very long time.  Wool naturally repels dirt, so items should not need frequent washing. Please note, however, that if food comes into contact with a wool item, that is where you may find moth holes in the future. I recommend you clean your wool before storing in an airtight bag or container.

Blankets and most other items

For easy and safe results, you may want to have your blanket dry-cleaned. However, with care, they are machine washable as follows:

Machine wash colors separately in cold water on “gentle” or handwash. If you are washing small woolen items you may want to separate them by placing in a laundry bag or pillow case. After washing, lay item flat (I lay mine out on a sheet, making sure to square it up) until almost dry. While the item is flat, I brush off fuzzies with a lint brush as needed. Fluff briefly in warm dryer.

If your blanket has a strongly contrasting color (red in particular), I cannot guarantee that the color won’t run, although all items have been previously washed at least once. You may wish to have your item dry-cleaned to avoid bleeding colors.

Mittens, Ponchos and Wraps: Hand-wash in cool water, handling carefully to maintain garment’s shape. Roll in clean towel to squeeze out water. Lay flat to dry. Fluff briefly in warm dryer.

Coasters, Christmas stockingsSpot clean.


I put my best efforts into finishing each item well and with care. And since all the materials I use are recycled, I am careful to check and use quality pieces. Yet I still cannot guarantee their complete integrity, simply due to the nature of recycled things. All this means: you may find that a hole develops at a seam or elsewhere. But don’t fret! I will work with you to make it whole again :). Please use the “Contact” button in my webpage header to write to me with a description of the spot that needs fixing. Your satisfaction is very important to me.

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