“His and Hers”

Recently I hinted about a wedding blanket under construction and gave a sneak peek. The wedding was at the end of August and I can now give you the full reveal :).  But most especially, congratulations to Matt and Cassady!

This gift was from the parents of the groom, so it was important that the blanket have a masculine sensibility to it but at the same time be welcoming to a very feminine bride.

So, for him: subdued, masculine colors. For her, a foliage print and the black Gap sweater with ribbon embroidery. For both, a cashmere binding to cuddle up to. (On a meaningful note, the binding is made from a sweater the groom’s dad contributed.)

May your marriage be a blessing to you both, Matt and Cassady.

“His and Hers” ( 64″ x 82″)

This blanket has already gone to a good home.

6 thoughts on ““His and Hers”

  1. Thanks, Joan, for creating such a beautiful blanket for Matt and Cassady. They were espcially touched by it when they opened their gift on the night before their wedding. I felt like we were sharing with them a part of us through your creativity with our woolens. And a lifelong gift it will be. Nothing from Crate & Barrell or BB&B can do that!! Thank you so very much, Joan!


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