A Little Break



(No, this is not me, of course. But I love this guy’s hair…and his fresh pot of french-pressed coffee. I’m certain he’s even got half-and-half in his fridge that he wouldn’t mind sharing, while I take a little break.)

I’m writing about taking breaks because, try as I might, I’m not carrying out my 2011 intentions to blog regularly. (And I have a draft folder of incomplete posts to show for it!) But I want you to know I have an excellent reason, because something much more deserving of attention has happened:

My oldest daughter is getting married at the end of May. Simply amazing and delightful.

And, yes, I’ve known about it before now, but thought it was past time to share this great news with you. (Also with the hope that’ll you’ll extend grace for less frequent postings for a bit :).  )

3 thoughts on “A Little Break

  1. You are gaining a son-n-love and that should make your heart leap with joy! It will also keep you busy. All else is like green pastures. He makes us lie down in them for rest and peace. Quiet waters to restore our souls. Just enjoy what blessing God has given you and know you are loved!

  2. Patty, I saw that and read Kate’s postings with invested interest! I’m so happy for these young couples starting out, with the love and family and friends behind them, to find their way of “becoming one.”

  3. Joan, Kate’s daughter Jenny with Creative Chicks Cafe will also have a May wedding on the 7th. I know what you must be going through, as Kate has been very busy preparing for her daughters special day. I completely understand that your blogging may have a lapse, family comes first.
    My Best Wishes to you, how exciting!

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