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Over at Creative Chicks Cafe, Patty and her co-authors Kate, Jenny, and Rob highlight artists and crafters that they meet in various places.  They’ve created an interesting blog to stop by and learn about all sorts of creative people.  I have really been enjoying browsing there.

Patty recently asked me for an interview — it was an honor to oblige her.  She has written a gracious post all about The Green Sheep and what’s behind it.  Click Creative Chicks Cafe to see her write-up.  Thank you, Patty; that was fun!

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  1. Jo, thanks for commenting to my blog post — I tried linking to your interview on the Creative Chicks blog but it was a little difficult with a talking computer, am guessing there are a lot of graphics? Oh well, no matter. I looked at a number of your blog posts here and see that you make sachets, would love to order some or come and visit during a future open house. You’re in Illinois?

    • Beth, I enjoyed reading about you, your writing, your dog(s), your family. I’m trying to imagine navigating blogs without the benefit of the visuals! Yes, there are a lot of graphics over at Creative Chicks; somewhat fewer here on my blog. I can definitely hook you up with some sachets, and you can use jo [at] greensheepstore [dot] com to email me about that. There’s no website there, but the email works fine. I’ll snatch your email from my comment page and add it to my email list about future open houses. (I’m in Illinois, about 1-1/2 hours from Chicago.) So far, with this young business, I’ve just had open houses at the holidays, so that’s a bit away.

  2. Joan, we were honored to feature you and your work on our blog. Our goal is to reach out to all women who create unique handmade items. Thank you for supporting our efforts to reach out to all crafters through social networking. Your biggest fan…. Patty

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