The winner is…marigolds!

Patty, you hit it right on the head.  And the rest of you, I freely admit these happy flowers could look like a whole variety of things that are orange :).  Thank you, all, for throwing in your ideas (both here and on Facebook) — it was fun to see!  Keep reading to see where the idea for this blanket came from…

Where I live, it’s about time to start some seeds indoors.

Now, I’ve started lots of seed by direct sowing (and I’ve got my dependable favorites), but only a handful of times have I gone to all the effort of starting seeds indoors to be ready for planting out in May.  The first time was when we moved to Michigan from California; I was an eager new gardener.  And I was well-rewarded because, with beginner’s luck, I had chosen…marigolds!  Not the dinky annuals you get at your big-box nursery, but luscious 3′ tall plants, full of gorgeous, golden pom-pons of yellow and orange.  They earned a very warm place in my heart for treating me so well.

This large throw is just right for napping under while dreaming of the summer garden. It’s also great for cuddling under to watch Oscar-winning movies as they come out on DVD.  And it’ll wear right into summer as a picnic blanket.  (Popcorn grease or sub-sandwich mayo will wash out in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.  Felted wool is pretty hearty!)

“Winning Marigolds” (56″ x 76″ )

This blanket has already gone to a good home.

14 thoughts on “The winner is…marigolds!

  1. This blanket is spectacular! I’ve been struggling to pin down the color story for our living room and this is exactly the inspiration I needed. So so beautiful!

    • Sarah, so glad this could help! And, honestly, the colors are even more incredible in person — so hard to replicate them via digital shots. Have fun with your living room! I’d love to know what you’re doing. How did you happen to end up on this page?? I just popped over to see your work at your blog. I love your touch in your illustrations. Wish I had that kind of imagination :).

      • Thanks for the reply comment, Joan. I happened upon your blog while searching for images of “recycled sweater blankets”. I’m a pretty experienced sewer and I dream of making a beautiful blanket or two for our home, but time just doesn’t permit! I can only dream of them coming out as beautiful as your pieces, though.

  2. This is amazing! I’ve been thinking I’d like do more blankets. They’re so fun to make, but sad when they don’t sell. Too many blankets from felted sweaters, are kind of ugly. Thanks!

    • Oh, Molly, I agree with you about how much fun blankets are to make. I just checked out your things–I especially like your little onion pincushion and the designs on your coin purses. And don’t you wish you could just reach right out through your online shop and have people touch them? That’s the only thing that’s missing!

      • That IS what’s missing, people are always surprised when they feel how soft and cuddly they are. I like your idea of putting a wool binding on them. They look so much more finished that way.

    • I have not done well with my poppy starts, so I wish you well. After experimenting a bit, I’ve shied away from seeds that take a special touch and instead leaned toward ones that bring sure-fire success. However, if you’re talking about poppies on a blanket, now that I can do!!

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