Just a peek

It’s just about March.  March means spring (at least to those of us here in the northern hemisphere–sorry, Peter!).  It means a few more days with lighter jackets and, here in Illinois, a few more days of rain instead of only snow.  And, for a lot of us who haven’t seen much grass through the past months, it means dreaming about gardens.  So I figure it’s time to give you a peek at my latest project, a spring blanket.  It’s not finished, but it’s close.

Anyone care to have a guess at what kind of flower it is?

7 thoughts on “Just a peek

  1. Hint: They’re not spring flowers; they are summer ones–they’re just DREAMED about in spring. (Also, they are far more impressionistic than realistic–uhh, like I had to tell you that part!)

  2. I don’t know but the colors are beautiful!! I truly love your blankets and one lucky family member gets a pair of the coveted mittens each year. Love and Happy Spring….soon!

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