A Little Lamb for Caroline

Is it the heat? the lack of routine? the pleasures of summer? I haven’t posted much, but I have been busy!

In July, a custom-made little lamb blanket went to baby Caroline in New York. It was a gift from her great-aunt, who became familiar with The Green Sheep through her neighbor, a friend of mine.

Hopefully baby Caroline is cuddling up on cool nights, lounging in the park,

and enjoying this soft little blanket, made just for her.

A Little Lamb for Caroline (~ 35″ by 37″)

This is a custom-ordered blanket.

4 thoughts on “A Little Lamb for Caroline

  1. Being the purchaser of this sweet blanket, let me tell you all that I was looking for that perfect gift. One that set itself apart from all others. One that screamed quality and yet practical enough to be loved for a long long time. I was perfectly pleased with this sweet little piece of comfort for my great niece. Thanks Joanie! In light of the big storm out east….this was perfect timing.

  2. Another lovely blanket. So much tallent Joanie.
    Is Lois coming out for a visit this Fall ?

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