A Little Lamb for Caroline

Is it the heat? the lack of routine? the pleasures of summer? I haven’t posted much, but I have been busy!

In July, a custom-made little lamb blanket went to baby Caroline in New York. It was a gift from her great-aunt, who became familiar with The Green Sheep through her neighbor, a friend of mine.

Hopefully baby Caroline is cuddling up on cool nights, lounging in the park,

and enjoying this soft little blanket, made just for her.

A Little Lamb for Caroline (~ 35″ by 37″)

This is a custom-ordered blanket.

Tuesday Treat

As a birthday gift to myself, I did something I often do: buy a new book.  This time, browsing for design inspiration, I ended up ordering Textiles of the Arts & Crafts Movement, by Linda Parry.   It’s interesting and beautiful.  And here’s a little tidbit worth sharing, just for the smile.  This watercolor, called “The House that Jack Built,” was designed in 1929 for a child’s nursery.  It’s charming.  But — whoa! — wait a minute!  Does anything about it grab your attention?!

The text under the photo put my mind at ease: “When Morton Sundour produced the printed fabric the rats were left out of the pattern.”  Resulting in far better nights of sleep for the babies, I’m sure.