“Red and Green”

Over a year ago, Robin saw a photo of “Roasting Chestnuts,” one of my earliest blankets, and set her heart upon it.  Of course, setting her heart on it didn’t do her any good, for it had already gone to a loving home. But I did tuck away in my mind the colors that Robin liked. Did I mention that Robin lives in a charming log cabin home? Well, she does.

I didn’t hear anything more about it … until last fall when Robin’s husband emailed and said he wanted to surprise her for Christmas with a blanket for their king-size bed in their charming log home. Did I mention Robin’s husband is my cousin? And that he’s 6’8″? Well, he is.

I said “Yes, I’d love to!” and turned to the felted sweaters I had been collecting with Robin in mind “just in case.” I needed many more sweaters than I had been stockpiling, however.  This blanket was not just to top the king-size bed, but to drape over the edge all the way to the box springs. That’s huge — double the size of most of my blankets! This was a new challenge for me.

But, as always, it was an enjoyable challenge. And how could I not be inspired by picturing those beautiful log walls as the backdrop?

My schedule and the weather did not cooperate in my slim window between finishing the blanket and delivering it –I never got a good shot of the entire thing. I’ll have to leave you to your imagination with just these snippets :)

All folded up…

…and packed for delivery.  Robin, may you enjoy your Christmas gift from your great husband!

“Red and Green” (size: 110″ x 84″)

This particular item is not available for sale.

8 thoughts on ““Red and Green”

  1. Joanie, I just saw this and yes it is beautiful on their bed with the logs and bed that Brian made. They have just rearranged the room and it is absolutely beautiful. Colors are stunning with the logs.

  2. Yes, yes, please take a full view picture if you go to visit. Too tantalizing. Looks beautiful, once again, from the snippets.

    • Oh, Bonnie, you are one of the few that has seen it in person, so this comment means a lot. And you reminded me about Robin’s hardwood floors — I should’ve mentioned that in the post too. I think I should just come to their house and take pictures!

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