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In November, my newly-married daughter called and said, “I was thinking of sewing a pair of Christmas stockings for us — but then I thought of you…” Could I maybe sew them a pair? Would there be enough time? Her request fell into place after the year-end orders, and then I made the time. So for my dear daughter and son-in-law on the occasion of their first Christmas: keepsake woolen Christmas stockings.

(Unfortunately, our house is not equipped with its own fireplace mantel for the perfect photo shoot, but I do have this gorgeous oak buffet passed down from my parents. Hmmm, yes, I think it’ll do.)

Green for him:

And red for her:

Stockings are 18.5″ long, 10″ wide, lined with cotton knit.

9 thoughts on “woolen stockings

  1. Hi, Mrs. Olson! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog yesterday. It was great timing, because I’ve linked to this post from my blog today, since you were my inspiration for woolen stockings that I made. Here’s the link: http://annebronkema.wordpress.com/2012/11/28/upcycled-sweater-stockings-in-which-i-spend-more-than-1-hour-on-a-project-and-do-not-use-spray-paint/
    Both you and Grace are so creative and inspirational! Thank you for blogging so beautifully. Both of your blogs are a blessing to me.

  2. Very beautiful Joan. I haven’t told you, but my small group has been busy “up-cyclling” sweaters into mittens and using 100% of the profits to buy water wells for villages in need in Africa. Sold our first pair the week of Thanksgiving and we’ve almost got enough for our first well already! Only God…

    Also, Kayla is going to Hope in the Fall!!!

    • Wonderful news on both counts! I love to hear what your small group is doing–and I bet you’re having a lot of fun, too. And I’m happy for Kayla! Hope is full of loving people and Holland has such charm.

  3. Your Christmas stockings are beautiful! Even though I saw them at your house with all the family, I was so impressed as I was then.

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