“Door County Woods”

We lived here in northern Illinois just a couple years before discovering the quiet and beauty of Door County in Wisconsin. And thus began several summers of packing up our two daughters and camping up there, usually at the very top of the peninsula. (Our favorite place: Wagon Trail Campground.) For some reason, this blanket makes me think of a hike we took through Newport State Park. The woods were dark and glorious (although my husband, who has mosquito-magnetic blood, was busy slapping away), and the trail led out onto a barren white beach on Lake Michigan, where we tender-footedly braved the pebbles in the water to climb up a rock island. I love this blanket.

“Door County Woods” (51″ x 69″)

This blanket has already gone to a good home.

2 thoughts on ““Door County Woods”

  1. Beth, sorry you arrived there in time for a blizzard! Yes, plan for a return trip in summer if you can. Door County holds many wonderful places to visit. I like the quiet, eastern side, but the bustle and the shopping over on the western side is fun as well. Make sure to a little of each!

  2. I’m here on my first visit to Sturgeon Bay — was scheduled to go to Fish Creek this afternoon but today’s blizzard may keep us away. After reading this post of yours, I know now that we have to come back…in summer!

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