“Baja California”

I grew up in Southern California, where the influence from our southern neighbor, Mexico, is everywhere. The sweater that makes up the middle of this blanket I actually got at a resale shop in San Clemente. It reminds me of a childhood trip to Rosarita Beach in Baja California, Mexico. My family and another family (close friends!) all piled together in one wood-paneled station wagon, TEN of us and all our luggage, and drove the three hours to a trailer on the beach. Our parents told us kids we could only buy what we could carry home on our own lap. I chose a shiny brown-glazed ceramic piggy bank, decorated with pink flowers, as big as a small real-life pig. A fine choice.

“Baja California” (Size: 61″ x 70″)

This blanket has already gone to a good home.

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