This weirdness calls for: a Master Class opening!*

Gosh, you guys. How the heck are you?

I’m smiling underneath this mask.

Two months and so much naivete ago, I wrote about having a “luscious lull” near the end of winter in which to tackle projects. What in the world??

I knew nothing of what was about to hit, and my mind is now officially blown. Wiser and more thoughtful voices can inform the internet about the complexities of our current situation. But let me say this:

In the silver lining of this coronavirus cloud, we makers suddenly find ourselves at home with precious time on our hands.

And–since interest has been expressed–
the Felted Wool Blanket Master Class 
is open!

This time, the course will run completely at one’s own pace rather than with a cohort of students. All videos and PDFs will be accessible immediately upon purchase and, as always, participants will have access to me for questions, trouble-spots, etc.

Have you been collecting beautiful sweaters for a long while and want to finally commit to making a blanket from them? Learn how in the Felted Wool Blanket Master Class! Go here to learn what’s offered and to read what several past students have said about it.

I’ve set up a new Facebook group for all who enroll in the course and wish to interact with others about blankets. This is one of the best places to contact me (I check in regularly) although it’s purely discretionary and you don’t need to be a Facebook user to take the course. You are always welcome to email me directly as well! (For any of you who have taken the course and were part of a Facebook page for just your session of the class, I’ll invite you to the new page. Be on the lookout for an invitation.)


You may or may not know, but I’m a healthcare worker: an occupational therapist in a neuro outpatient clinic. I am still going in to work–and feel fortunate to be able to do that, in spite of the risks. I don’t feel like a genuine front-line worker, as I watch nurses, physicians and assistants conducting tests and treating infected patients. I tip my hat to all of them. Thank you, all who are truly right up front, fully covered in PPE (personal protective equipment) and battling an unseen infiltrator!

*Please don’t interpret this title as flippancy in the face of a disruptive and deadly virus. I do take it very seriously.

7 thoughts on “This weirdness calls for: a Master Class opening!*

  1. Stay safe and enjoy your home time with family and friends online. Alas, I’ve been unable to concentrate on my project since NZ locked down three weeks ago, but, hey, there’s always tomorrow!

  2. Oh my!
    As a former participant of this great class, I feel a little envious, here in New Zealand. We are in lockdown here since March 25, and likely to be here quite a while longer.
    Of course,I try not to think about my lovely sewing room with the garden wool blanket awaiting…
    Thankfully, I am an avid knitter, and they sure do have yarn in NZ.
    Have a lovely time, everyone, and post photos!
    All the best,

    • Oh no, can you not get to your sewing room?? I know you are a woman of many interests, so I’m sure you’ll be creating wonderful things no matter what you do. But still!

      • No way a Joan, as my sewing room is in New Hampshire. We were visiting our daughter the vet in NZ when all this happened! She is an essential worker, so she has to isolate in her apartment, while we are in an air B&B to ourselves.
        Still FaceTiming, only 15 miles away, not 9000!
        Stay well!

      • Oh, of course! 🤦‍♀️ I’m glad you are OK and near your daughter even in such a less-than-satisfying way. What stories we will all have as we come through this together.

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