Happy birthday, Februarians!


Quick, before February is gone (although it is NOT going to be missed this time around!) I need to post one more thing. February is not a popular month to many, in spite of (and perhaps beCAUSE of) the presence of Valentine’s Day. But I happen to generally think very highly of it. February is my birthday month.


And this year I had in mind a gift I wanted to make for myself. This sweater coat had actually been forming itself in my mind for several weeks. After all that mental cooking, I put it together in a weekend. I drew the pattern off a store-bought jacket I have, then just went from there. It’s not perfect, but it was so much fun to do.


Happy birthday, fellow Februarians! We’ve got to hang together!

7 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Februarians!

  1. beautiful It looks so great on you and I love those colors you chose. Wow you have such a creative mind… Yay for you and yes one day closer to spring.

  2. Joan, I completely understand your desire to point out all the defects in your picture – I do it myself! BUT you don’t need to. We are all looking at the beautiful jacket! What a nice addition to your wardrobe – you look great in it (and the boots are so cool). I like to blur the background of my pictures so that the clutter isn’t so clear. :) Happy birthday!

  3. Joanie you simply amaze me. I like your coat. Pure genius.
    Been vey cold here and he coat would be welcome. Hope
    March will be kinder to all of us.

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