“Tiger Tracks”

While the weather can’t make up its mind these days — a regular occurrence for northern Illinois — fall is definitely pressing in to push summer on.


When I retrieved the newspaper this morning, I noticed the trees across the street turning mottled yellow-orange. It surprised me with all the heat we just had.


On a recent evening walk, my husband and I saw geese overhead, soundless this time but for their wing strokes. And this weekend, we’re driving up to Wisconsin for a 30th anniversary gift to ourselves. I look forward to see the coming of autumn there too.


While mother nature’s delivery of fall can lag and tease, there are two other things that escort this season DIRECTLY to us without messing around:





Can I get an “Amen!”?


So I’ve got a combo pack for you in today’s blanket. It was custom-ordered by a mom who was thinking of those two things when she imagined this gift for her son.


Laura found The Green Sheep online. She asked me to design something for her son Bennett who was about to head off for his freshman year at University of Missouri. Her first child, going off to college! She wanted something special to send with him, something school-related, something sports-related.


Here’s the Mom low-down: Bennett loves sports. He finished high school on the varsity baseball team. He loves hanging out with friends. He likes the sciences and is considering how he might use that in his future.


Bennett also had his heart set on Mizzou and was eager to get there. So Mom Laura decided to go for the Mizzou theme and mascot: the Tigers. Then Laura decided to give me a jump-start on this blanket — she did the resale rummaging herself to find the right school colors: black and gold. She loved it!


“Tiger Tracks” is a BIG blanket, big enough to be a bedspread for a dorm bed or to be available as a throw for a college-sized guy.


For Bennett, I hope your freshman year is nothing less than GREAT! (For a perfect start, the Tigers football team is 2-0 so far!) For Laura, I saved a tiger paw to make you a potholder — a small tangible reminder of your son, who, though several hours away, is always in his mom’s heart :)


“Tiger Tracks” (70″ x 93″)

This is a custom-order blanket.

9 thoughts on ““Tiger Tracks”

  1. So beautiful! He will treasure this forever! I picture him years from now, with this draped over his couch while he watches his favorite college team with his wife and kids. Maybe “grandma” might be there with them, too. :-)

  2. Joan-OK, I need to commission a Notre Dame blanket for friends (and as an added bonus to annoy Mike! ) Blue and Gold are the colors–maybe diferent shades of navy blue and gold–also maybe navy with gold embroidered shamrocks. Or we could do shades of gold/yellow with some scattered blue shamrocks. The Iriish also use green and gold (maybe with scattered navy blue shamrocks–and now I am thinking 2 blankets by Christmas–same ND theme–is that doable? Judi Szilak

  3. Joan, when I saw your post on facebook, I wondered why you were making a blanket for Mizzou … after reading your blog, I know the rest of the story. He may have to keep his blanket under lock and key …

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