“Papa’s Pockets”

A sweet friend from work, a fellow therapist (she’s speech, I’m occupational), along with her husband recently finished their basement and turned it into a really welcoming living area.  She came to me and said, “Now that the basement’s done, I’m ready for a blanket for it!”  And then she handed me a beautiful wool sweater that had been her dad’s. Wow. My first chance to make a keepsake blanket with an honest-to-goodness keepsake!

This wasn’t just any sweater, but a gorgeous Irish-made one (Irish like the whole family) of thick, cream-colored wool.  That’s it in the foreground, the creamy cabled piece with the pocket near the edge.  It felted beautifully.  My friend’s dad is gone now, but I know having something of his means a lot.  And when the kids and grandkids are over, hanging out downstairs, they can cuddle up with a keepsake from grandpa as well.

Thanks, Maureen, for trusting me with your dad’s sweater :)

“Papa’s Pockets” (Size: 65″ x 83″)

This blanket has already gone to a good home.

5 thoughts on ““Papa’s Pockets”

  1. How do you do the binding? I’ve made a new lap blanket for my Etsy shop and really like the binding you have on these. I usually put a 1 1/2 – 2 ” border all the way around, but the binding looks more finished.

  2. Gosh, did you have to make me cry? What a wonderful way to be reminded of dad, everytime you wrap up. The blanket’s so beautiful, a classic piece of gorgeousness.

    • Thank you, Molly. It’s also pretty neat to think that EACH sweater I work with has a story behind it, whether or not I knew the owner of it.

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