“Valentine’s Baby”

It’s nearly February!  I know, I know; you can point out that it’s cold and bleak and snowy, and those would all be true.  But I can point out that it makes a wonderful birthday month!  Maybe I’m just looking for the silver lining, but I think having a birthday to look forward to in February helps winter pass a bit more quickly.

Circle of Love, 36″ by 38″

So, yes, my birthday is this month, and so is my youngest daughter’s.  Not only that, but we are both Valentine babies: she arrived in this world on February 14th, and my parents brought me home from the hospital on the same date (of course many years earlier, and without a carseat!).

Circle of Love (handmade binding of red cashmere)

In Baby’s Garden, 36″ x 38″

Do you have a February baby of your own?  In honor of February babies everywhere, I’ve finished two new baby blankets from lovely recycled wool sweaters.  They are soft and warm, with lots of natural textures for baby to touch and hold.

In Baby’s Garden (handmade binding of soft pink merino)

I hope you find lots of things to enjoy about February.  And– Happy Valentine’s Day!

(These blankets have both gone to good homes.)

2 thoughts on ““Valentine’s Baby”

  1. I am the recipient of this incredible piece of art. I love it. My baby doesn’t sleep without it.

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