lined mittens

With fall nearly here and winter around the corner, I’ve been sewing up a batch of my lined woolen mittens (from felted sweaters, of course!).  Here’s a sampling:

grey with orange cuff, pearly button

heather green with green cuff, crocheted cream button

warm brown with dark brown cuff, vintage button

dark pink with purple cuff, wool wine button

mottled blue and green with green cuff, tiny green buttons

houndstooth with tan cuff, fabric knot button

pale salmon with heather brown cuff, pearl buttons

turquoise with warm brown cuff, tan buttons

dark purple with grey cuff, tiny purple buttons

snowflake on charcoal with blue cuff

olive green with heathery blue cuff, silver flower button

soft purple with grey cuff, silver flower button

blue with dark blue cuff, dark blue 1970s button

navy, brown, and grey stripe with tan cuff, brown button

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