“That 70s Throw”

The 1870s, that is. For months I have been returning to a picture of a chair designed that decade by William Morris, an originator of the Arts and Crafts design movement. (See his lovely chair here.)  I’ve fallen in love with the chair’s blues, greens, and hint of orange in the tapestry, all set off by black wood. In Morris’ chair the colors are lively yet their small print keeps them subtle. In this blanket, however, they are just plain playful.

When I told my older daughter — currently an intern at a publishing house — about my fascination with this particular Morris chair, she told me that Morris is the guy we have to thank for the refreshing concept of “white space” on the printed page.  You don’t even need to leave this blog to see his influence — just look at all that breathing room down the edges!

“That 70s Throw” (Size: 64″ x 78″)

“That 70s Throw” has already gone to a good home.

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