fall and fingerless gloves

I’m feeling a bit forlorn about no Green Sheep open house this year! The past two falls I had the thrill of preparing, anticipating, and showing new things. The best part is letting others see and feel this wool in person — it’s simply impossible to represent its softness, drape and presence in a photo.

Why no show this year you ask?

1st — we were a little preoccupied with a wedding in the early months :)

2nd — after the wedding, so many of you placed special orders with The Green Sheep that not much other sewing got done!

3rd — my dear mom is staying with us for several weeks and our time has been full of wonderful things (but, ahem, not sewing).

Not that I’m complaining about any of these great reasons that I’ve become a slacker.

However, I have been playing a bit, thanks to a friend who recently asked about fingerless gloves for a birthday gift. In response, I pulled out a pattern I used last Christmas to make some wristwarmers (a.k.a. fingerless gloves) for my two daughters and a few others. I reworked them with improvements, and wah-lah!  (Please excuse the photo composition and focus; I had a tough time being my own model!)

The gray pair

The tan pair

The red pair

The green pair

All of these fingerless gloves are very soft, made of either cashmere or lambswool.