“Going to the Beach II”

Kathy and I met in 2010 at the Susan G. Komen fundraiser (sponsored by the Arlington Heights Jr. Women’s League) where I submitted “Life is a Gift (the poppies blanket).”  She made the winning bid and went home with the poppies.

We’ve kept in touch, and in June she emailed me and confessed that she had been eyeing “Going to the Beach” here on The Green Sheep blog.  Kathy grew up in southwest Michigan — so lakes, dunes, beach grass, and sunlit sailboats are in her blood.  I had to tell her that the beach blanket had gone to a young newlywed couple and wasn’t available — but that I would love to try my hand at another along the same theme.

Here, just in time for the lazy, warm days of late summer, is “Going to the Beach II,” with its inquisitive gull wondering who else is coming to the lake on such a lovely day.




Thank you, Kathy, for giving me such an enjoyable project!

“Going to the Beach II” (Size:  70″ x 80″)

The blanket has already gone to a good home.

“Indian Summer”

To my mind, some of the best days of fall are when balmy breezes drift back for a week (or more, if we’re lucky) and tease with their warmth.  While the earth’s colors change from the hot summer colors to the cool autumn ones, we also shift our gears down a notch — and enjoy the last lazy outdoor days.  This blanket, made up of several sweaters of cashmere and lambswool, comfortably embodies that lazy warmth.

“Indian Summer” (Size: 60″ x 76″)

This blanket has already gone to a good home.