Pillowcases for a Princess

In January, I posted photos and related the story of Calliope’s Castle. My latest project is a companion piece: pillowcases of a sort. They are actually flange-less shams, meant for completing the scene more than cradling the head :)


When I finished the queen-size blanket, there were so many great sweaters left to work with that this was simply the next logical thing to do.


I laid out the fronts first, choosing some apricots and greens.


I had to start with all fresh sweaters and wasn’t able to pull in anything but the teeniest of scraps left from creating the original blanket. I had used every bit of those earlier sweaters!


Then four cream-colored cardigans of Calliope’s presented an idea  for the backs of the pillowcases — they could serve as the closures…


…making the pillowcases fully reversible.


And so the backs got a separate set of colors to tie them in: pinks, green, and creams.


I was able to add in some meaningful little details from the sweaters themselves:

the ballet slippers,


the painter’s palette,


and the sweet neckline of Calliope’s own little-girl sweater.

Queen-size pillowcases (20″ by 30″ each)

This is a custom order.