“The Painted Piano”

When I was 5 years old, I started taking piano lessons.  I can still picture my red John Thompson (I believe) book, circa 1965. I think I could pick a couple of those pieces out on the piano from memory if I tried.  The piano and its eagerness to step up and be just about anything that’s needed — rhythm, bass, melody, percussion, or simply embellishment — has won the place in my heart of ALL-TIME favorite instrument. So when I saw this little stripe in a pink sweater, I knew I had to make piano keys out of it.  Hmmm…how about packing a summer picnic, spreading out this blanket and listening to a symphony at the local outdoor amphitheater?

The Painted Piano (Size 51″ x 65″)

This blanket has been modified as “J Loves J” and has gone to a good home.

“A Happy Little Tune”

A friend of mine (who has been an incredible supporter of The Green Sheep!) special-ordered up this baby blanket for a friend of hers this last winter. She covertly learned the colors of the coming little one’s bedroom, and we chose some sweaters to match. The singing bird was unplanned until the very end, and, in retrospect, is the thing that gives this baby blanket its own happy personality.

“A Happy Little Tune” ( Size: 38″ x 38″)