“I Love Minnie”

When Gloria described her one-year-old granddaughter to me for this blanket, she used phrases like “full of life!” “a tornado!” “our little pistol!”. I also learned “A” loves Minnie Mouse.

I was able to meet her today for the first time when the family came to pick up the blanket. She was sleepy and laid her head on her grandma’s shoulder, and I had a hard time picturing the rambunctious little girl described to me.

But I was a mom of young kids once and so I believe it.

I worked toward a lively blanket to go with a lively little girl  —  with a busy border, the continuous movement of diagonals, and most especially…

…Minnie’s scattered items like toys in disarray.

It was 80 degrees here today! I hope we have a bit more spring so little “A” can cuddle up with her Minnie next time she’s feeling sleepy.

“I Love Minnie” (37″ by 46″)

[A custom-ordered blanket]