The Tatler Ad

Yesterday after work I pulled into the driveway, unloaded the groceries I’d just picked up, and, with the day’s lunch bag still slung over my shoulder, walked to the end of the drive to get our mail. And there was this.


(Not with the giant tear in it; I did that.) I’ve been on the lookout for this package, eager for its arrival from across The Pond. A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that The Green Sheep had an ad coming out in a parents’ gift-giving guide. I didn’t mention where…


Tatler Magazine, a Conde Nast publication in the U.K., contacted me at the beginning of August, asking if I would care to be part of their holiday promotion leading up to Christmas. I was stunned! Honored! And in disbelief that this blog had captured someone’s attention over there. Those British know their wool. I am like a dwarf among giants.

And then I said “yes,” sent off the ad copy and image, and got to work. You guys have seen the result: I finally took the Etsy leap.


Here’s the final product! (Get out your monocle and check out Item #8. I was so pleased that I had just finished “Baby Goes Hiking” and had its photos all ready.) I feel privileged all over again to have been invited to be part of this 2-page spread. Thank you, Tatler; and thank you, Harriet-of-the-sales-team. I enjoyed working with you.

As frosting on the cake, Tatler’s sister magazine, British Glamour, just asked me this week if I’d care to run the ad in their similar holiday guide next month. What??? I said “yes” :)