“Butterflies for Momma”

As promised, here is the companion to the blanket I posted yesterday. (Read more about “Peace” here.) These blankets are Christmas gifts for a pair of sisters from a third sister, Maureen. Don’t tell! These were ordered and designed in remembrance of their mom.

So finally, here is “Butterflies for Momma” :

The assignment: two different blankets for two different sisters but each meaningful in its own right. I was put to the test again! But as always happens, the sweaters and the colors and the wool itself all guided me with their ever-surprising capability to inspire.

For this blanket, Maureen had told me that butterflies remind this particular sister of her mother’s presence. And then Maureen said, “You can make it colorful!” Was this the kind of colorful she had in mind? I’m not sure! But I do believe it’s full of color and light and tranquility too. Here the border hints of a trellis or an arbor, a pleasant place from which to watch these delightful flitting creatures.

My hope and prayer is that both of these blankets can bring wonderful thoughts of a wonderful woman to mind for two very special sisters.

“Butterflies for Momma” (60″ x 76″)

(This blanket is not available for sale.)


I have a sneak peek for you. These two blankets are actually Christmas gifts, not yet in the hands of the recipients. But Maureen, who ordered them for her sisters, feels certain those sisters will never discover them here. On my blog. In this teensy corner of the big blogging world. That’s good; I’d hate to spoil the secret ;)

Both blankets were thoughtfully custom-ordered and designed in honor of the women’s mother, who passed away several years ago. I’ll post one today and the next tomorrow. Let me introduce you to “Peace”:

“Peace” started when Maureen handed me two of her mom’s sweaters: the orange wool and the bold Nordic-looking striped wool. I admit that initially I wasn’t sure what to do with these two dissimilar sweaters. Hmmm…

The tans helped to pull them together. But it was when I added in the blue that I suddenly felt as if I had been transported to a porch at a lake-side cabin — a silent spectator to the wonder of creatures going about their beautiful, mysterious lives. The blanket came together easily after that.

The inset border feels to me like the frame of the porch or possibly of a picture window. This blanket’s mate also has that same “frame” — and its theme, although carried out with a very different sensibility, also depicts some marvels of nature.  It’ll be here tomorrow, so please come back for another visit!

“Peace” (60″ x 76″)

(This blanket is not available for sale.)