Keeping up appearances, Part 1

typewriterOriginal art: virginia kraljevic on etsy

As I am of a certain age, I have seen some changes in technology over my years. I mostly try to take it in stride, but actually I find it astonishing.

I first learned how to use a desktop computer at work in the early 1980s.

9734582895_e972f70579_kPhoto: sussexmike

Except it wasn’t actually a desktop; it was a Compaq portable computer, the size of my sewing machine, and it weighed 34 pounds. I could cover the screen with my hand. But so progressive! So exciting!

When we bought our own computer in the later ’80s, it looked something like this:

992997e1174d2c131f5b85751771d672Photo: Ruj Kumar on Pinterest

In those days I would stick my head into our basement where my grad-student husband was working at his desk and find him bathed in an eerie green glow. Graphics? Of course it had graphics! Like this!

ascii-snoopyPhoto: eetimes

Fast forward more than a decade. I clearly recall when my hubby and I walked into Best Buy and saw — for the first time — high-def, animated graphics on a regular home computer. We stopped like country bumpkins in front of those screens and stared. We were astonished.

Photo: Disney Screencaps

I’ve been reflecting on technology recently because of a particular need to Keep Up. Five years ago I started this blog in response to requests to put photos of my blankets online. WordPress provided a great platform so I figured out the basics and let it go at that. But then! my WordPress theme, Chaotic Soul, was retired. Do you recall when my blog looked like this?

chaotic soul

But I didn’t like trying to read the old white-on-black anyway so I chose a new theme, Motif, and then had some catch-up to do. (WordPress has added many new features since I began blogging but I’ve been bad about keeping up with them.) With help from Wiley’s “Dummies” imprints, I learned some code, asked for help from the incredible WordPress volunteers, and did a tiny bit of my own web design. (Okay, I may be leaving out a few frustrated hours of struggling to conceptualize what I even needed to ask the volunteers!)

Honestly, I can hardly believe how amazing the internet is, and computing, and code, and the blogging world, and electronics…it’s mostly beyond me. But I am so grateful to be living now and taking part in all of this. How about you?

Please come back next week to see “Keeping up appearances, Part 2,” in which I give you a little tour around my blog!