“11,12, Dig and Delve”

Gloria is the grandma of some very special grandchildren, two of whom are brothers. These boys –2-1/2-year-old Rex and his brand new baby brother Uriah — have already had more than their fair share of hospital time, and Gloria wanted a pair of blankets that could accompany them on those hospital visits. I asked about colors. Nature colors! said Gloria — brown and green and orange…and maybe some blue.

Initially, I puzzled some over how to make this combo look childlike. But then I thought about boys playing outside. After that, it got fun.

Can you picture two little boys daring to catch a frog and hold it in their hands?

Squatting in the garden dirt to examine a snail?

Sitting in a homemade sheet-tent under a tree and listening to the breeze in its leaves?

Squinting against the bright sun as they lie in the grass and look for cloud shapes?

Can you remember your own sense of wonder while exploring the outdoors?

1, 2, buckle my shoe

3, 4, shut the door

5, 6, pick up sticks

7, 8, lay them straight

9, 10, a big fat hen

11, 12, dig and delve.

Baby Uriah was just born in January.  This one is for him:

And little Rex is 2-1/2.  This one’s for him:

So buckle up those shoes and go explore God’s beautiful earth, boys.

“11, 12, Dig and Delve” (each blanket is 42″ x 50″)